Buy The Best Electric Cylinders From JimiTech!

The Jimmy Actuators is a leading manufacturer of solar tracking actuators. Our electric cylinders are ideal to use on not only precision industrial, but also solar trackers applications. It has durable construction and convenient prices. Makes them best for boosting operational value of numerous solar devices.

Our electric cylinders are highly lauded in the market,so on always standing at the leading edge of revolution. Whether you need a new design, or improve existing design, we are ready in all aspects.

Our team not only know what your project need, but also know how to win your satisfaction. We understand that the growth of your business depends on getting the quality product within acquired time.  We work day in day out to ensure, then you don’t face any downtime in running your business due to us.

What Kind of Solar Actuators Do We Provide?

When it comes to look for kind of product, that could be a complete package for both industrial and mechanical applications. Name of Jimmy Actuators becomes a buzz in the market, as we offer solar tracking actuators or linear actuators for solar tracking system that can be effortlessly used for all solar applications.

Besides, we also have other types of linear actuators that fit best for all solar applications.

  • Customized solar energy trackers
  • Precision solar gearboxes
  • Screw Jacks
  • 1200 Series Linear Actuator
  • Heavy Duty Solar Ball Screw Actuators

Whether you’re small scale or large scale business, our platform is open for all!  We take it as a privilege to serve you by providing the best device according to your actuator needs. Our expert team of manufacturers is skilled enough to fulfill any order. When we receive without any hassle, will send it to multiple locations.

What Factors Do We consider While Designing & Manufacturing Electric Cylinders?

While designing your linear or electric cylinder, also we consider some basic factors. Determine the type of product on the basis of those certain parameters we also need. The primary foundation we consider is the capability of  linear actuator designs for your project, but not ourselves.

We believe if standard fails to meet the work efficiently, then the product is useless. Some other basic factors we always consider.

  • Environment
  • IP rate
  • Production
  • Size
  • Input voltage
  • Load speed
  • Load capacity in lbs.
  • Material

How Do We stand as Perfect Manufacturer?

As sign of good manufacturer,they should be familiar with their client’s application. For demanded requirements, they should understand your needs, and guide you well. It can avoid errors, installation, waste, even errors in production and operation of your linear actuator.

That’s what Jimmy Actuators boast of! also other notable factors that make us an ultimate manufacturer for linear actuators.

Logistics. We make sure your expectations for shipping, handling, procurement, and other factors align well, because we are a potential manufacturer.

Scheduling. We ensure your timely product shipment, because we plan how and when to make your product available to you.

Volume. We provide product in gigantic quantity, hence we ensure greater volume. You can buy in bulk to sell your customers for a longer period of time, even it is a difficult thing to do.

For more product queries, contact us today to learn our whereabouts. Or you can call our representative, as we will guide you all about our services.

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