electric cylinder customization

Name:Servo motor(customize)
Model:Servo motor
Category:Technology Industrial Electric Actuator
Product Features:
Input voltage: servo motor customized

Max dynamic loading :10000N

Max speed: 100 mm/s

Max moving length: Customization

Max torque: N/A

Protection grade: IP66

clutch system, and overload protection Maintenance-free.



Buy The Best electric cylinder customization From JimiTech!

As leading manufacturer of solar tracking actuators, our electric cylinder customization are ideal to all solar trackers and industrial application. Perfect construction and low price makes them best for boosting the value of numerous solar devices. If you want to know the construction details of electric cylinders, please watch this video. If you want to know more about them, please go to our company YouTube channel.

Our manufactured electric actuated cylinders are highly lauded in the market for always standing at the leading edge of revolution. When you need a new design, or improvements in already existing design, we are proficient enough to facilitate in all aspects.

Our expert manufacturing team know what your project need, and how to win your satisfaction. We understand that the growth of your business depends on getting the quality product within acquired time. We work day in day out, because we need ensure you don’t face any downtime in running your business due to us.

What Kind of Solar Actuators Do We Provide?

When you come to look for product for both industrial and mechanical applications, Jimmy Actuators are buzz in the market. We offer solar tracking actuators or linear actuators for solar tracking system, so they can be effortlessly used for all solar applications.

Besides, we also have other types of linear actuators that fit best for all solar applications;

  • Customized solar energy trackers
  • Precision solar gearboxes
  • Screw Jacks
  • 1200 Series Linear Actuator
  • Heavy Duty Solar Ball Screw Actuators

Whatever you’re small scale or large scale business, but our platform is open for all.  We take it as a privilege to serve you by providing the best device according to your actuator needs. Our expert team of manufacturers is skilled enough to fulfill any order we receive without any hassle to send it to multiple locations.

What Factors Do We consider While Designing & Manufacturing Electric Cylinders?

When we design electric cylinders heavy duty, not only consider basic factors, but also determine the type of the basis certain parameters. The primary foundation that we consider is the capability of standard linear actuator designs for your project.

We believe that if standard fails to meet the work efficiently, so the product is of no use and some other basic factors we always consider are:

  • Environment
  • IP rate
  • Production
  • Size
  • Input voltage
  • Load speed
  • Load capacity in lbs.
  • Material

How Do We stand as Perfect Manufacturer?

Understand your needs, then guide you well to avoid errors, installation, waste, errors in production. It is same for operation of your linear actuator.

That’s what Jimmy Actuators boast of! Other notable factors that make us an ultimate manufacturer for linear actuators are.

Logistics; We make sure your expectations for shipping, handling, procurement, and other factors with potential manufacturers.

Scheduling;  Not only ensure your timely product shipment, but also plan how and when to make your product available to you.

Volume;  Provide product in big quantity, so we can ensure greater volume. You can buy in bulk to sell your customers for a longer period of time.

For more product questions, contact us freely to learn our where about, or you can call us to guide you all about our service.

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The electric cylinder customization series ‘High Force’ electric cylinders are balls crew-driven rod-style linear actuators. It offers minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for reliable positioning in all industrial applications. Comparing to other fluid power-based cylinders, these electric cylinders add program ability,not only the option of closed loop control, but also high thrust force  and high durability. Otherwise a long service life provide to you. An electric mechanical system such as the electric cylinder customization offers an economical solution. It thinks to its high power density and long service life, so minimize the initial and maintenance costs. The electric cylinder customization not only have dimensions and fixings according to ISO 15552-12, but also offers thrust forces up to 80000 N and travel lengths up to 2000 mm. The standard central lubrication port helps minimize both maintenance costs and machine downtime.
A range of rod end configurations and mounting options provide the flexibility, so on integrate these electric cylinders into most customer applications. Sensors and cables are directly immersed into a groove in the electric cylinder customization profile, so ensuring a smooth surface for easy cleaning and safe handling. Parker offers not only complete drive systems including motor, but also drive for industrial applications.

• Factory Automation
• Machine Tools
• Packaging Machinery
• Food & Beverage
• Medical
• Pharma
• Other Life Sciences
• Entertainment Automation
• Miscellaneous Industrial
• Miscellaneous Manufacturing
• Miscellaneous Processing
• Chemical Industry
• Energy

• Precise and reliable control – programmable closed-loop electronic mechanical system
• Power Density — high forces from a small frame size
• Reduced Replacement Costs — long service life
• Reduced Maintenance Costs — thanks to lubrication access in the cylinder flange
• Reduced Noise Emission
• Reduce Design Effort — conformity with pneumatic ISO flanges (norm DIN • ISO 15552)
• Environmental Options – IP54 (standard) / IP66
• Optimized design for safe handling and simple cleaning
• Cabling can be concealed in the profile
• Reduce Complexity — all from one source: Parker offers the complete drive train – drive/controllers, motors and gearboxes to match the electric cylinder

• General Machine Building
• Material Handling and Feed Systems
• In-Plant Automotive
• Actuators for Loading Machine Tools
• Transporting and Feeding Components
• Wood and Plastic Working Industry
• Linear Handling
• Petrochemical Refining and Transportation
• Painting
• Printing Industry
• Distilleries
• Testing Equipment and Laboratory Applications
• Valve and Flap Actuation
• Material Forming
• Automated Assembly Processes

Technical Specifications:
• Screw Leads: 10 and 20 (offering high force or high-speed options)
• High Mechanical Efficiency – up to 90%
• Inline or parallel motor mounting (toothed belt drive)
• Several Rod End Options – including Linear Rod Guide Module (for additional side load support)
• Accessories with integrated force sensors help to allot and even to control forces precisely
• Several mounting options and wide range of accessories available to serve the full range of applications


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